Jules Mc Nally Norman, teacher, Blackheath, London

I hired Aylia hoping to get myself in good enough shape to wear a bikini on holiday. Like many women I have spent my life dieting and exercising short term to achieve something, only to spend the rest of the year un-doing all the gains. I wanted to break this cycle and find a sustainable way forward for life.

Aylia understood right away what I wanted and needed and took me through a health and fitness assessment so that we had starting points to measure against later on.

I started with three one hour sessions per week and what I enjoyed most in the early days was seeing how quickly my fitness level improved, not to mention losing 6.5 cm from my waist and 6.3cm from my hips in the first three weeks.

I am now at my fittest and strongest I have ever been and my shape and weight has changed dramatically, along with my confidence. My attitude to exercise has also completely changed because training with Aylia is fun and doesn't feel like a chore.

Every session is different and I have yet to repeat anything with Aylia, I know that;s not true of every personal trainer, but if I'm paying for one-to-one training I like know that every session has been planned for me, with my ability, experience, interests and aims in mind - otherwise I might as well be still be jumping around to my Davina McCall DVD for the 80th time! It now feels great to be fit and doing things like sit-ups, planks, press-ups etc (things I couldn't do at 30) as 41-year-old mother of two.

Laura Luckhurst, council manager, Lee, London

I approached Aylia for help regaining my general fitness after breaking my leg. I was having physio but feeling frustrated with my progress and had lost a lot of confidence,. From the start I realised Aylia was taking a whole different approach to what I had expected - in that she was working with me as a whole person, not jut a body to be trained. She planned a really personally-tailored series of enjoyable sessions for me which challenged me whilst taking into account my limitations - for e.g she used chair-based exercise at first when I was still on crutches.

Aylia is extremely creative in the way she will adapt exercises to different levels of ability. In fact my partner was so impressed with how I had improved under Aylia that he asked for some sessions to help him with his dodgy knees.

I started out fearing I might never regain my former level of fitness given that I sustained my injury in my late 50's. I finished after six months with Aylia actually fitter than before and with a new level of knowledge and confidence in how to train in the future.