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D‚Äčon't Run Out of Steam

So much has been written about coronavirus and how to keep fit while we're locked down. So much information, so many You Tube videos, so many Instagram posts and so many people to like, follow and watch. It's overwhelming and exhausting - and that's before you've even done any exercise.

 My advice is this: find a type/s of exercise that works for you and keep doing it. Change it when you feel your body's got used to it or when it gets boring, The most important thing to do is keep going during this period. Those people who maintain an exercise regime throughout lockdown are the very people who are likely to remain committed when this is all over. They are the people who will stand out and flourish back in the gym/exercise classes and they are the people who will be able to feel proud of themselves from a fitness perspective for a very long time.


HIIT the ground running

Posted on July 8, 2019 at 12:35 AM

If you want to get the most amount of exercise done in the least amount of time - and get results quicker too - then look no further then high intensity interval training (HIIT)

It's not new but that doesn't mean it's not worthy of repeated promotion. And, while you might have heard of it, do you really understand what it means and do you know what the precise benefits are? If not, here's the lowdown:

HIIT is a type of workout that pairs intervals of high intensity exercise with different periods of active recovery. The intervals can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes and the intensity and type of exercise can vary depending on your ability and preference. Many people think HIIT has to be cardio exercise but that's not true. HIIT is about the format and can be used for any exercise type that lends itself to an 'up-down' intensity rhythmn.

The benefits of HIIT are:

1) Improved fitness levels in terms of how your heart utilises oxygen. Over time this enables you to carry on doing something at high intensity for longer - for e.g running. With cardiovascular gains comes many other health benefits - for e.g a reduced chance of conditions such as heart disease and heart failure.

2) It burns calories and fat at a quicker rate than steady state exercise which means weight and fat loss is quicker.

3) You can spend less time exercising.

4) HIIT helps preserve muscle mass during weight loss - often the two are in conflict for other forms of exercise.

5) You don't necessarily need any equipment and you can perform HIIT anywhere at any time.

6) Anyone can do it because you can customise the type of exercise and the time intervals to suits you needs and abilities. So, for example, a beginner could interval 20 seconds of fast walking with 40 seconds of slow walking. For an advanced exerciser you could interval 45 second sprints with 20 second jogs. 

7) HIIT keeps your metabolism elevated after you have finished exercising which means the benefits -  such as calorie burning - continue, even while you're sleeping.

So why not 'hit' the ground running and get yourself some HIIT today!

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